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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays in Asheville

Since subtle abnormalities can often be missed using traditional X-ray images, chiropractors may fail to detect critical evidence of developing musculoskeletal problems. By incorporating digital X-rays  into their practice, Drs. Lawson and Lawson can now see details of a patient's back, neck and spine that might otherwise be missed with film exposure X-rays.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-ray technology uses advanced hardware and software that significantly minimizes the amount of radiation needed to provide clear, three-dimensional images. Digital x-rays provide Chiropractors with clinically viable pictures that are immediately processed by digital sensors and transmitted to a computer monitor where they and their patients can view and discuss them together.

For purely diagnostic purposes, the advantages of digital X-rays are impressive. Once an X-ray image has been captured in digital format, it can be manipulated in a variety of ways to help enhance diagnostic accuracy. For example, your chiropractor can:

• Magnify the image
• Crop the image
• Enhance the contrast and density
• Change the alignment and focus
• Measuring distances on the screen using digital X-ray software

Images taken by Drs. Lawson and Lawson using digital X-ray technology are electronically stored and saved for easy access. These images can be transmitted to other medical professionals if necessary, eliminating the need for patients to undergo additional examinations for expediting treatment. Chiropractic offices like ours that choose to "go filmless" are not only increasing their productivity and level of patient care but also optimizing their ability to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for musculoskeletal problems that might otherwise remain undetected by exposure-type, X-ray technology.

Improve Chiropractor-Patient Communication

Additional benefits of digital radiography include expedited processing time (from capturing an image to image acquisition by your chiropractor), the ability to permanently store images in a software program and improvement of communication between chiropractors and their patients. If something significant is discovered in a patients digital X-ray, Dr. Lawson will take time to show patients the image, point out the condition as it appears on the image and explain treatment procedures necessary to correct the problem.

Enhance Understanding of Your Back, Neck or Spine Disorders

When Drs. Lawson and Lawson go over your digital x-rays with you, they can explain in detail how certain chiropractic techniques can relieve painful disorders affecting your joints, spinal vertebrae, muscles and soft tissues. By having your own copy of your digital x-rays, you'll be able to clearly see vertebral alignment problems, bone spurs, indications of herniated discs, diseases affecting your spine and other problems commonly treated by chiropractors.

Additionally, having digital X-rays of your musculoskeletal system even when you feel fine is a great way to remain feeling fine because these cutting-edge X-rays may be able to detect medical problems in their earliest stages so that appropriate treatment measure can be developed and applied as soon as possible.

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